Full Movie — Rolf Kauka’s Once Upon a Time [English Version]

Once upon a time, I acquired a VHS copy of Once Upon a Time from ebay. Recently I had it converted to digital format, and decided to share it with people on youtube. I grew up with this nostalgic film that few have ever heard about. This is a rare cartoon that I know many people are looking for. It went out of print sometime in the 70s so I don’t think I am infringing on any copyrights or anything by sharing it now, due to the fact that no one, except those who sell their original VHS copies are getting money off it today. The reason this tale is so beloved by me, is that my Dutch-American grandmother used to tell me a very similar tale when I was a child laying beside her in bed. In her variation, the girl drops her thimble down the well and goes to retrieve it. In this version, Maria’s step-sister throws her engagement necklace down the well. Truly, almost everything that follows is similiar to my grandmother’s tale, from shaking the apples out of the weary tree to the mystical old woman who helps Maria on her way. So to me, this classic is a nostalgic not only because it reminds me of my beloved late grandmother, but also because I used to always keep an eye out for it in video rental stores because we never owned our own copy, due to the fact that it was a rare video. I got the video for a great price because it was a little damaged, I must admit. Hence the first few seconds are cut off in the beginning and there is some slight video static as it opens. I had not been able to upload it before because I was cut down to keeping my videos at a length of 15 minutes. This is mainly a test to see how long of a video I can now upload…

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