Hottest Chinese Music 32 — Dream of Southern China 夢憶江南


Gentle breeze soft speaking between green poplars and willows,
mist and ripples miles of miles and in ponds and lakes willow catkins gliding down afloat.
All say a good rain knows the season,
always come in spring sprinkle down yearning.

Sinuating shore bridge landscape stretch wistfully,
evening song on fishing boat and pagoda floor to listen to jade flute.
All say long awake at night,
good dreams will fall to accompany to the dawn.

Amid spring rain one piece of song East Wind Breaks
patters of raindrops wisper to you,
south is good la good south
people like in painting elegant and graceful.

Amid fall rain a piece of song Westerly Split,
gone spring withering flowers whispering to whom the lingering of gloominess,
dreamy misty rain misty rain dreams,
lying on pillows hearing the rain the heart turn green.

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