Hottest Chinese Music 2 — We are angels 我們是天使

A cup of juice, a piece of poem,
Dancing finger tips, typing in address,
Dont say I am ignorant, dont laugh at my naiveness,
Innocent ideas, we dont have to explain to nobody,

Past is our teacher, teach me many things,
Some year some day, some city,
Anxiety is magzine, full of knowledge,
Need to hold on to, every difficulty to be treated as an exam.

Happy is an angel, we cannot let go,
Little boys and little girls, every one is a hope,

We hand in hand, together we move forward.
There in the universe of dreams, angels are waving hands.
(End Guy)

From now on, be an angel,
Youth is for real, no need to cover up,
Every key is for opening its own lock in the heart,
Take your dream into the real world.

Fly, Fly, Fly,
Set out for happiness,
Like blessing incantation doo da doo di da
Fly, Fly, Fly,
Tomorrow we arrive,
We all are angels, we are afraid of none.

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