Wind Spirit Drum | Grandfather Music Video 2010


Native American Award Winning Traditional Drum Performance Group, Wind Spirit Drum 2010 NAMA award winning “single song of the year” and music video, “Grandfather” from ANCIENT WINDS Cd.

“Grandfather”, a traditional composition, was written by Chief Fred Lighthorse and orchestrated by Ms.Terry Evans. The music video features Native American solo vocalist, Windwalker and additional vocals by Jono Manson (Blues Traveler)

Producer, Karla LaRive (PK Productions LLC) and Director / Editor, Christopher Crosby (musicseenPROductions) return again to western South Dakota and the scenic overlooks of the Black Hill Wild Horse Sanctuary to shoot Wind Spirit Drum’s new music video production of “Grandfather.”

“Working on this project was a culmination of many talented people and once again, we captured the magic of the Black HIlls Wild Horse Sanctuary…” said Christopher Crosby

The music video features on-camera performances by Windwalker, Edoal Spirit Buffalo, Anagqus and Christopher Crosby.

ANCIENT WINDS CD was recorded and engineered by Jono Manson at Kitchen Sink Recording Studios in Chupadero, New Mexico and Martin Meyer, Great Sky Studios, Hot Springs, South Dakota in 2009 / 2010.

Dedicated to Chief Fred Lighthorse and Chief Alfred Red Cloud

On the net:

“Teach me forgive, teach me let go . .” Windwalker | Wind Spirit Drum

Management Rep and Public Relations:
Karla LaRive | Studio West Management

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