Waterfront (1944) [Drama] [War]

During World War II, J. Carrol Naish plays an optometrist who is really a Nazi spy. A book of his that he uses to decode a Nazi spy code is stolen from him while he was walking on the San Francisco waterfront at night. A Nazi agent who comes to meet him (John Carradine) is told of the theft and they team up to try to find the book.

Directed by Steve Sekely, produced by Arthur Alexander and Alfred Stern, written by Martin Mooney (story and screenplay) and Irwin Franklyn (screenplay), starring John Carradine, J. Carrol Naish, Maris Wrixon, Edwin Maxwell, Terry Frost, John Bleifer, Marten Lamont, Olga Fabian, Claire Rochelle and Billy Nelson.

Source: “Waterfront (1944 film)” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.. 7 March 2013. Web. 17 March 2013. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterfront_(1944_film).

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