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Watch classic Hindi movie, WARIS (1954) starring Suraiya & Talat Mahmood. For more movies subscribe to Movies Heritage channel: http://goo.gl/0Ygl1z

Cast – Suraiya, Talat Mahmood, Nadira, Yakub, Roopmala
Producer(s) – Minerva Movietone,
Director – Nitin Bose,
Music Director – Anil Biswas,

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: An inheritance melodrama about Kunwar (Mahmood), the son of zamindar Rana Himmat Singh (Sethi). Kunwar marries Shobha (Suraiya) and is disinherited, forcing him to join the army during WW2. When he is reported lost and presumed dead, a repentant Rana invites Shobha to stay with him. However, it is Kanta (Nadira), a young woman betrayed by Rana’s villainous secretary Kailash (Yakub), who arrives at the house and is mistaken for Shobha. Masquerading as Shobha, who lives nearby in absolute poverty, Kanta moves in, causing a moral dilemma and generating suspense since she could be caught out any moment.

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