I emailed Patty several years ago. I tried to get her to do an autograph show, and I never received a reply. A year later, I met her at a charity event, that she was doing for a suburban Chicago theatre, and I asked her if she had received the email. She remembered the email, and told me that she was busy at the time that I suggested for her to attend the autograph show. She asked if I would send another email. Later that day, I did what she asked.

It took awhile for her first autograph show appearance, but the first one that she attended was Ray Courts Hollywood Collector Show, located in Burbank, California.

I met her a second time at the Hollywood Collector Show, and she recognized me immediately. She knew who I was even without my reminding her. She made a comment about us moving around the country, and meeting in different cities.

I also told Ray Courts this story, and he refused to believe me. Maybe he thought I wanted a kickback, or for some other goofy reason. All I was doing was making a simple statement to him. A normal reaction would be to accept it on face value. Ray would not do that. It was very weird.

Patty is a very sweet lady, and I loved meeting her.

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