Vamanos Pa’l Monte – Eddie Palmieri

I bring you…. Eddie Palmieri! With his best album, “Vamanos Pa’l Monte!” In this song, Wow…. Everything to love in salsa is here! A smooth rhythmic power through brass and a stunning layout of electric piano and organ faceoffs… This video has the cover arts that came with the cd. I fully remastered the audio further for excellent sound quality. For more information visit Enjoy…!

Here are the bandmembers:

Eddie Palmieri – Band Leader
Ismael Quintana – Vocal
Bob Vianco – Guitar
Jose Rodriguez – Trombone
Alfredo Armenteros – Trumpet
Ronnie Cuber – Baritone
Nick Marrero – Timbales and Bongo
Eladio Perez Perez – Conga
Arturo Franquiz – Clave and Chorus
Monchito Munoz – Bombo
Victor Paz – Trumpet
Charles Camilleri – Trumpet
Pere Yellin – Tenor Sax

Chorus: Santos Colon, Justo Bentancourt, Marcelino Guerra, Vayo El indio, Elliot Ramero, Mario Munoz (Papaito)

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