Toro Ara – Wuauquikuna

“Toro Ara” performed by “Wuauquikuna” a South American group based in Poland. This track taken from their second CD.

I have tried to show the spirtitual connection between the native americans and the buffalo with the photos avilable.

I realise the group are from South America and NOT the North and I am not interested in politics but please enjoy Jim’s photos and a great music track and be able to see how these great people symbiotically lived along side these great animals.

The photos (except 5 ) are by Mr Jim Hatzell taken from his involvment with Artist Ride”

Both photos and music have been allowed with the kind permission of both Mr Hatzell and Wuauquikuna. I have no conection with either other than admiring their work. I make no money or finacial gain from this.

Please check out the following phots for Jim’s photos or

or for the music and group

Please enjoy.

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