“TIMBUKTU” Victor Mature, Yvonne De Carlo, George Dolenz, Marcia Henderson. 11-27-1958.

“TIMBUKTU” Storyline – In 1940 Col. Dufort arrives in Timbuktu with his wife to take over the French garrison. This garrison is threatened by a Tuareg uprising supposedly inspired by Mohamety Adjani…a holy man once regarded as a friend of france. Almost immediately Col. and Mne. Dufort push on to Bou Djebeha in company with an American gunrunner named Mike Conway who soon engages the Colonel’s wife in a forbidden romances.At Bou Djebeha Conway learns that the holy man has been kidnapped by an evil Emir w who is the true force behind the rebellion. Complications and dangers ensue as Conway and the Colonel try to get the holy man back to Timbuktu so that he can speak out against the rebellion.

Full cast starring, Victor Mature, Yvonne De Carlo, George Dolenz, John Dehmer, Marcia Henderson, Robert Clarke, James Foxx, Paul Wexler, Larry Chance, Mark Dana, Steve Darrell, John George, Leonard Mudie Larry Perron, Allen Pinson, and Willard Sage. Directed by Jacques Tourneur. Released in the UK on November 27, 1968.

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