The Lakota Way 1


First off, I want to thank everyone who’s watched my videos and supported me with kind and encouraging comments. It really means a lot, and it gives me hope that this new series of videos will be very popular.

Second, I have to say that I am in NO WAY an authority on Lakota culture. The information I’m presenting is essentially my translation of Luther Standing Bear’s own words. If anything I present here strays from his words, known facts, or is speculation I will point it out. I realize that some of what I present may contradict popular knowledge. If that’s the case, then it is because Luther Standing Bear’s viewpoints differ from the mainstream. If in my interpretation of his work I incorrectly portray the Lakota, then I apologize ahead of time and urge anyone with proper information (or differing viewpoints) to post a comment and point out what they believe needs correction. The comment pages for these videos should be a forum where we can exchange ideas and learn more.

As I was reading LAND OF THE SPOTTED EAGLE, I realized that this book is a miracle and a treasure. I did not realize that such a vivid picture of Lakota life existed in print. It affected me so much that I’m compelled to share it with as many people as possible. It is my firm belief that the Lakota people epitomize the best that human nature has to offer when we put our minds to fairness, kindness, equality and the acceptance of the mystery of being alive. If this video grabs your interest, then do yourself a favor and get a hold of this book.

I hope you enjoy the video and yearn for more. I get a great deal of satisfaction building these videos up from my simple desire to help people see the world in a new way.

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