Tchaikovsky Symphony NO.6 (Full Length) : Seoul Phil Orchestra

Tchaikovsky Symphony NO.6 (Full Length) : Seoul Phil Orchestra
차이코프스키 교향곡 제6번 “비창”
Conuctor : 정명훈 Chung Myung-Whun
(Seoul Phil Orchestra Music Director & Permanent Orchestra Conductor)
Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
16th,May,2011. Korean Art Centre Concert Hall, Seoul Korea.

★ Select The Movement at your pleasure.
1st – [00:28]
2nd – [20:58]
3rd – [28:40]
4th – [37:15]
※ I recommend you that You don’t have to follow
the movements of Symphony NO.6.
(1st ▶ 4th▶ 2nd▶ 3rd) is better~ I think…

Trivia : Tchaikovsky himself didn’t give the name “Патетическая (Patetičeskaja),Pathétique” to his symphony No.6.
and so far as No one understand his symphony No.6
Since his first performance of No.6.
Tchaikovsky gave us the opportunity
to make the interpretation of No.6 freely…I Think~
Thus Don’t stick to the Name “Pathetique” and The Movements~
I know My Opinion is the Controversial Topic.
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