Slavic hero Slavic warrior Slavic soldier Slavic power Slavic unity SLAVA СЛАВА SŁAWA SLÁVA

Pan-Slavism is not a form of domination of one over the other .
Pan-Slavism is the result of what we are.

Pan-Slavism was a movement that advocates the unification of all Slavic tribes, and the preservation of their common identity, in the same country or confederation or federation, which would have to name SLAVIA.

For centuries the Slavs together, and it and the 15th century, after an analysis of the Slavic peoples, a Croat named ?Vinko Pribojević published ?a book entitled “Slaven Podrijetlo i slava” (The Origin and glory Slavs)
and thus become known as the founder of the pan-Slavic ideology.

Subsequently the 16 centuries, for the first time that such ideology was formulated as a program that was developed by the Croats and Juraj Krizanic Orbini Mavro.

Since then, every generation has seen the birth of the followers of Pan-Slavism, following the path of our ancetres.Pour not cited a single, Samo Tomášik who is the creator of “Slaven hej” (Hey Slavs) to write a hymn Slavs, and which has since been adopted by the pan-Slav as the anthem of the Slavs.

Over time, the pan-Slavic sentiment growing among the Slavs they are resident or Slavic diaspora, made such an extent that in 1848 in Prague instead of the first Pan-Slav Congress, is followed by several more Slavs congress in different countries ,which in Kiev in 2010 and held the 10 Pan-Slav Congress.

All this has the effect of creating them for 19 centuries the organization Sokol, who was a youth sports and gymnastics based in the Czech Republic. The movement was equally distributed in all regions populated by the Slavic culture and designed a uniform which was a mixture of Slavic influences and revolutionary Russian brown pants, a jacket Polish revolutionary, a Montenegrin cap and a red shirt Garibaldi.
Pan-Slavism also served 20 centuries, the creation of two countries to be Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia are the sum of eight Slavic tribes united.

Today Panslavism knows a growing trend among young people in some Slavic countries. Multiple factors, such as the entry of the Slavic countries
in the European Union has contributed to the fact that many young people are Slavs and feel a sense of belonging and identity in “being a slavic.”


In the past our ancestors are united the Slavs have never been so powerful that when they formed of union!

The wars, the problems between us, all are , because, of externals intervention of the Slavic world, or what are the traitors, who think of to enrich themselves at Debant of people , or to kill her people, by unnecessary wars, just for personal interests .. and not that of his people.

we must not confuse people with his government.
and one must take into account the influence of government on a people ..

Ibrahim ibn Jakub
10th century wrote :

”the Slavs live in disunity
if they would unite
no one could defeat them”


slavic slavs slave slaves slavonic Związek słowiański Славянский союз Словенски Унион Slovanské unie Слов’янський Славянскі саюз Славянски съюз Словенска унија slavenske unjie jugoslavija jугославија Россия Србија Slovensko Polska slovenija Hrvatska bosna Македонија České България Беларусь Україна union slaves slavic slavs great moravia samo yugoslavia jugoslavija Czechoslovakia słowiański Славянский Slovanské Југославија Россия Србија Slovensko Polska slovenija Hrvatska Bosna Македонија České България Беларусь Україна srbija russia rusija srpske Związek slavia slavija bratstvo jedinstvo zadruga Panslawizm Панславизм Panslavizma moravie royaume empire tribus tribes SLAVA СЛАВА SŁAWA SLÁVA Panslavizma славянства слов’янства slovanstva словенството Związek słowiański Славянский союз Словенски Унион Slovanské unie Слов’янський Славянскіс аюз slavic unity Славянски съюз Словенска унија slavenske unjie Россия Србија Slovensko Polska slovenija Hrvatska bosna Македонија České България Беларусь Україна Југославија славянская мова славянски език slavenski jezik словенски јазик język słowiański славянский язык језик slovanski slovanský jazyk слов’янську мову Слов’янський Славянскі slavs slavonic slaves slave славянe russian polish yugoslavian

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