Sexy 1930’s Movie Stars Joan Crawford Marlene Dietrich Vintage Erotica Risque Cigarette Cards

Was your grandma a movie star? Please feel free to comment below if you are related to any of the stars in this set of movie star beauties.

This set includes timeless legends such as Joan Crawford and Marlene Dietrich. Gloria Stuart continued acting into her eighties, appearing as a very mature Rose in the film The Titanic, 1997. Maureen O’Sullivan, also featured in this set, starred as Jane in Tarzan the Apeman, opposite co-star Johnny Weissmuller. Priscilla Lawson played princess Aura in the original 1936 Flash Gordon serial.

Card set title: Film Stars, 2nd Series
Manufacturer: Carreras
Year of Issue: 1938
Number of cards in the set: 54

Includes: Adrienne Ames,Rose Asther,Pearl Argyle,Rosemary Ashlen,Wendy Barrie,Joan Blondell,Clara Bow,Grace Bradley,Mary Carlyle,June Clyde,Claudette Colbert,Joan Crawford,Olivia De Havilland,Frances Dee,Dolores Del Rio,Florence Desmond,Dallas Dexter, Marlene Dietrich,Adrienne Dore,Frances Drake,Ann Dvorak,Deanna Durbin,Patricia Ellis,Alice Faye,Grace Ford,Betty Furness,Betty Grable,Jean Gillie,Shirley Grey,Suzanne Kaaren,Evelyn Kelly,June Knight,Dorothy Lamour,Priscilla Lawson,Margaret Lindsay, Carole Lombard,Ida Lupino,Marian Marsh,Joan Marsh,Karen Morley,Sari Maritza,Marion Martin,Anna Neagle,Cecelia Parker,Jean Parker,Lilian Harvey,Lilian Porter,Maureen O’Sullivan,Elivina Shargood,Gloria Stuart,Raquelle Torres,Toby Wing,Terry Walker, Doris Weston

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