[PLEASE READ] A passenger plane crashes remotely in the Rocky Mountains. Two men climb to the rescue. Who survives the crash: three men and a glamorous woman. What escapes damage: “loot” in the amount of $250K. What will be the fate of the people? of the money? Watch the movie! Filmed on location in the heart of Colorado. Complete motion picture**.

**Rory Calhoun is “Jesse Hill”—rugged, self-sufficient loner and skilled hunting guide/mountaineer. [one of classic Hollywood’s best intense leading men]
**Julie Adams is “Sheryl Gregory”—a sexy model for men’s magazines, down on her luck and down on herself [Julie has great lines and her characterization is terrifically supple: bitter, saucy, and wistful]
**Ray Danton is “Pete Corder”—conscienceless drifter and opportunist [life does not always imitate art: you’d little suspect from their brutal interaction onscreen that Danton married Julie Adams off screen that same year (1955)]
**Thomas Gomez is “George Parkinson”—frustrated middle-aged financial clerk [an electric, haunted performance]
**Frank Faylen is “Stan Leppich”—affable recently-discharged military man

Directed by Abner Biberman, a prolific and versatile talent.

**the print skips a few seconds in two separate scenes. I am hoping the exposure this video upload provides THE LOOTERS on YouTube will spark professional interest someday in its digital restoration and subsequent release—even as streaming content.

NOTE: This is a special video upload of goodwill and admiration. Thoughtful comments and/or questions are welcome. If you are a professional and want credit I’ve neglected to give OR prefer that I delete this video, please contact me and it will promptly be done. Thank you.

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