Requiem aeternam – W.A. Mozart

Yet another song from my small archive of W.A. Mozart songs. As in all other of my videos, I give you the privelege of requesting any song by Mozart or another band you like..

PS: If you want to request a song, here’s a list of a few bands and their albums
Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin Box Set (54 songs)

RHCP – Stadium Arcadium

Black Sabbath – Greatest hits 1970 – 1978, Headless Cross, Past Lives Disc 1 (Live)

AC/DC – Back in Black, Black Ice

Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears, No Rest for the WIcked

Frank Zappa – Apostrophe ( ‘ ), Hot Rats

Kid Rock – Devil Without a Cause

Blue Oyster Cult – On Flame With Rock and Roll

Deep Purple – Knocking at your Back Door, Machine Head

Dio – Magica

Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind

Liquid Tension Experiment – 1, 2

Lynyrd Skynyrd – 20th Century masters/ Greatest Hits

Mudvayne – L.D. 50

Aerosmith – Greatest Hits

Rammstein – Sensucht, Reise Reise

Seether – Karma and Effect

Various Newgrounds music

Dream Theater – Octovarium, Systematic Chaos (unfortunately, Dream Theater cannot be uploaded to YouTube. But I CAN send yuo the file for any of the songs if you add me on MSN).

Rob Zombie – Greatest hits

The Police – Every Breathe You Take – The Classics

Metallica – Metallica (Black Snake Album….?)

Joe Satriani – Engines of Creation, Time Machine Disc 1 (Studio), Time Machine Disc 2 (LIve)

If you want to request a song, either PM me, comment on any of my videos, or comment on my profile. I’ll be happy to upload a video from the above archive of songs..

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