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Sohrab Modi as Munj
Durga Khote as Mrinalvati
Sankatha Prasad as Tailap
K. N. Singh as Bhillam
Meena Shorey as Vilas
Amirbai Karnataki as Charini, the devotee
Sadiq Ali as Kavi
Al Nasir as Bhoj, Munj’s son
Navin Yagnik

Directed by: Sohrab Modi
Produced by: Minerva Movietone
Music by: Rafiq Ghaznavi, Saraswati Devi

Movie Story:
The story revolves around two kings, Munj/Prithvi Vallabh of Avantipur who is kind and just, and Tailap a neighboring king who is cruel. With the help of his sister Mrinalvati (Durga Khote) and another neighbouring king Bhillam (K. N. Singh), Tailap manages to capture Prithvi Vallabh. The rest of the film follows incidents following his captivity.

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