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Synopsis : Inder comes from an affluent family and is deeply concerened with the miseries of the poor and the downtrodden of India. Inder has three younger brothers but he loves the poor Muslim girl Sakina and treats her as his own sister. Though Sakina’s father is a blind beggar, Inder visits her pavilion everyday and supports the father-daughter duo. Inder marries the ravishing Rupa. When Sakina falls severely ill and Inder brings her home for treatment, Rupa misunderstands Sakina and her aunt as the illegitimate relations of Inder and after insulting them expels them from the house. Inder is shocked at this and falls sick. Sakina expires without treatment and care. Rupa ultimately realizes the blunder. But Inder goes into a deep trauma after his sister’s death. Thereafter the couple moves to a village for improvement of health where Inder meets the simple and vibrant 16 year-old Gopi who resides with her elder brother Kishan and his wife. Inder and Rupa become friends with Kishan and his family. Inder sees Gopi as the dead Sakina. The local villagers raise their brows on this relationship. Kishan confronts Gopi who is shell-shocked. When Inder comes to know all this, he leaves the village at once and comes back to his house. But he falls severely sick again. His love for Gopi drives him insane. A desperate Rupa goes to Gopi and convinces Gopi and Kishan. Gopi then comes back to Inder for his well being but is insulted by Inder’s relatives. A dejected Gopi returns to the village. Inder recovers. Kishan fixes Gopi’s marriage. Inder runs down to explain that he loves her. In the scuffle that follows Gopi slips and falls from the mountain cliff and dies. The materialistic society fails to understand their divine love.

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