Old Traditional Navajo Love Song

This is a very old and classic traditional Navajo love song sung by one of the most famous Navajo singers, Edward Lee Natay. This song is called the “Navajo Squaw Dance Song” on the album “Natay Navajo Singer.”

It is a non-ceremonial social song typically sung during public events, song and dances, or during school performances. It has been sung by many different performers for many years but made famous by Ed Natay.

Canyon Records has recorded many different types of Native American artists over the years, some traditional and some non-traditional. Ed Natay was the first artist to ever be recorded by Canyon Records.

This song is done in the typical styling of traditional Navajo social songs, minimal words in between long chants. Loosely translated, the song says:

‘Áháshinee’ at’ééd!
(Precious girl!)

Oh, honey…

Diit’ash lá̜a̜!
(Let us both go together!)

I hope you enjoy it this song for Valentine’s Day.

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