Native American – Music- (Rain dance)

This video has real footage of the Sioux back when we first had film.actualy i had to pay 50 pounds for that tiny bit of footage but well worth it . i smile every time i see the 2 guys at left front dance i just feel like reaching out and giving them a hug, daft i know but just make me smile and feel happy when i watch them, and i love to watch the chiefs too i have to admit this is my fave real footage of the Sioux dancing, sad to think they are long gone since that video was taken i wonder who their now relations are, as they are all sioux

if you want to stop the rain then play Heya-Hee (Intertribal Song To Stop The Rain) by Sacred Spirit it worked each time i tried it few years ago

one of my other vids in the video responce Sioux and Buffalo with footage, love the song as i love the Drum. i usualy have it blasted out loud lol

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