Native American Flute ~ SOFIA by Lorrie Sarafin

This Native American Flute song was a collaboration between myself and Rod Ibieta – an extremely talented musician originally from Chile and who now makes his home here in the U.S. A few years ago Rod and I worked for the same company and after he heard me play the Native American flute he asked me if I would like to do a few songs together. Of course I said “Yes” and SOFIA is one of four songs we collaborated on.
Rod would write the songs – send me a copy of the music and I would listen and then come up with the flute parts. Rod and I played this song at a benefit show at the Chandler Center for the Arts in which over $10,000.00 was raised for a local charity.

SOFIA is available on the MANY PATHS CD found at CDBaby:

Flutemaker: Tom Stewart – Stellar Flutes

I hope you enjoy it!

All images/sounds Copyright 2000, 2008 Lorrie Sarafin and Rod Ibieta

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