Moments of Happiness (Flowers of Japan)

Please Note- a higher quality version is now online, which you can see here. Be sure to click the ‘HQ’ button to enjoy a substantially higher resolution version, as was originally intended-

Here are the beautiful Flowers and Views of Mt Fuji, with a traditionally soothing Japanese ‘koto’ music soundtrack. The actual pictures were taken in 2001 on a film camera- I had no idea at the time they would end up in this form or even that they’d be on the internet.

I want to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in this project. It shows to me just how timeless the beauty of this landscape is. For me it is the ‘real Japan’. As time goes by, far from gettiung forgotten, the spread of leisure culture has made this more widely appreciated and I am proud to be a part of it in this way.

The song is “Itsuki No Komoriuta”, from a CD compilation I got called “The Koto- Japanese Healing Music”, from the 100 yen store-

I’ll only be here ’til Bon; if Bon comes early, I’ll go home early.
I’m just a beggar; these are goodly folk, with nice obi waist-sashes and nice kimono.
If I should die, bury me by the roadside; offerings or water will come from the heavens.
If I should die, who would cry for me? Only the locusts in those pine mountains.



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