Mohammad Reza Lotfi: Mystery of Love (Persian Classical Music)

Artists: Mohammad Reza Lotfi and Mohammad Ghavi-Helm. Album: Mystery of Love. Kereshmeh Records (1996). Persian classical music and the poetry of Hafiz and Rumi. Recorded live in April 1994, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Track list below. Enjoy the music!

[0:00] Daramad Mahur
[2:18] Kereshmeh
[3:32] Zarbi
[6:35] Mystery Of Love
[9:46] Foroud
[11:11] Chaharmezrab
[16:01] Delkash Part I
[17:26] In This New Love, Die.
[23:21] Delkash Part II
[25:52] Chaharmezrab Delkash
[29:56] Kharabat Khani
[33:53] Zekr
[38:13] Foroud
[40:16] Pishdaramad
[45:51] A Flower Tinted Cheek
[54:20] Daramad Dashti
[57:14] Dance Of Birds
[1:04:21] Foroud Of Sarang
[1:05:02] Owj
[1:08:32] How Have I Felt Thy Pain?
[1:14:41] Razavi
[1:15:47] Chaharmezrab Foroud

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