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Watch Super Hit Classic Hindi Full Movie MAHAl (1949), Director: Kamal Amrohi Producer : Ashok Kumar,Savak Vacha Writer; Kamal Amrohi, Starring: Ashok Kumar, Madhubala, Vijayalaxmi, S.Nazir and others.
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Music: Khemchand Prakash Lyricist ; Nakshab
Singers: Lata Mangeshkar, Rajkumari

Synopsis: Hari Shankar (Ashok Kumar) comes to claim his inheritance – a palatial building known as Shabnam Mahal. He does not see anything out of the normal, until he sees his portrait on the wall. The housekeeper tells him the background of the portrait and the tragic ending of two lovers. Later, Hari Shankar sees a woman singing and swinging in the garden swing, when he approaches, she disappears. Both the housekeeper and his lawyer friend, Shrinath, warn Hari Shankar, and ask him to stay away from this house, he does so, only to be drawn back. No one can help Hari Shankar now as he continues to be drawn deeper and deeper into the dark world of the ghostly apparition. “Ayega.. ayega… aanewala, aayega….” is still Popular Song.
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