Lonely Wives (1931) [Comedy]

Lonely Wives is a 1931 American comedy film directed by Russell Mack and starring Edward Everett Horton, Esther Ralston, and Laura La Plante.

Edward Everett Horton plays Richard “Dickie” Smith, a respectable defence lawyer, for murder cases, who turns into an unfettered Don Juan, after the clock strikes 8 o’clock, in this Pre-Hays Code comedy. To fool his Mother-in-Law, Maude Eburne, as Mrs. Mantel, he hires famous vaudeville impersonator Felix, the Great Zero, played by Edward Everett Horton, in a double role, to stay at the house. While he goes out on the town, with his new, sultry secretary, Patsy Ruth Miller, as Kitty “Minty” Minter; and, his new client, Laura La Plante, as Diane O’Dare, unsuspecting that the husband she wants to divorce, for neglect, is actually Felix, the Great Zero, himself.
When Esther Ralston, as Madeline Smith, returns early from her trip, Felix knows that the jig is up; or, is it.

It’s a question of who’s fooling who, which ends with an angry husband chasing them all with a loaded gun, an irate cabby looking for his fare, and a seemingly, flirtatious, fired, French maid. Meanwhile, Spencer Charters, as Andrews, the Butler, thinks he must have the DT’s, seeing double of everyone. They know they’ll reform their ways, if any of them survive the night.

Directed by Russell Mack, produced by E.B. Derr, written by Walter DeLeon and A.H. Woods (play), starring Edward Everett Horton as Richard “Dickie” Smith,, Esther Ralston as Madeline Smith, Laura La Plante as Diane O’Dare, Patsy Ruth Miller as Kitty “Minty” Minter, Spencer Charters as Andrews, the Butler, Maude Eburne as Mrs. Mantel and Maurice Black as Taxi Driver.

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