Khan Bogd Female Ensemble – Mongolia

Album Ayalguu 2005 –

The ensemble Khan Bogd consists of young and talented Mongolian artists who have already made experiences with concerts in Europe and the United States of America. They got to know each other during their studies and since then have worked together in various projects.

The Mongolian songs comprise an enormous repertory. Music spread from house to house on the occasion of festivities or by means of teaching. The family or clan gatherings offered a good opportunity to meet and sing together, to learn from others and take home a new melody. In this way, the old musical structures performed in all different parts of Mongolia have been conserved by the local masters for the whole nation.

With the new edition, we want to put a more intensive focus on the vocals of the women in the steppes. There are performed songs which emphasize the role of women in the social responsibility of these nomads. Longing for a lover (love songs), working songs (about how they handle their animals, for example the act of milking), lullabies (responsibility as mother and guardian), healing songs (female shaman responsibility for the well-being of the family), wedding songs, dirges and also ritual songs for special occasions (family festivities, phases of the moon, seasons, etc.).

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