“KEEPER OF THE BEES” Classic Old Movie Film Full Length Free–Story by Gene Stratton Portert

This is a film of hope. A war veteran returns home, shell shocked. He believes he has only a short time to live and settles down in a beautiful sleepy village. He meets an old man they call the Bee Master and his child helper, Little Scout. Together they convince the veteran that he really does have more to live for.

Have you ever read this book? I just can’t tell you how beautiful, insightful, picturesque and life-encouraging it is!
It is a deep story, centered around a WWI Vet, sentenced by Dr.s to die. They’ve put him in a “Hospital for TB Patients (unbeknownst to him) after being severely wounded. He was sent to this hospital because the Dr.s did all they could for him, and he’s just being made comfortable until his death. But……….he is not ready to die!
Of course the Book is more detailed, and so much more in depth than a movie could ever be. But do enjoy this film story (you’ll recognize many of the actors), and please watch the following Gene-Stratton Porter films based as well, on her books that I’ve uploaded to our list: “The Romance of the Limberlost”, and, “Freckles Comes Home”
(I haven’t been able to find “Freckles”, yet, but will continue to comb the Web for a possible movie made from the book 😉

Christy Cabanne
Gene Stratton-Porter (novel), Adele Buffington (screenplay), 1 more credit »
Neil Hamilton, Betty Furness, Emma Dunn, Edith Fellows

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