Kallaryk – Wuauquikuna

A track titled “Kallaryk” by a group called “Wuauquikuna”.

This track makes me think of some majestic bird soaring high in the sky, so I have used a collection of Condor, Eagle, Vulture and Hawk pictures to try to convey that feeling I have when I listen to it.

I discovered Wuauquikuna on Youtube (see my playlist’s) so I was able to track down a supplier of their CDs. What great music they make, I look forward to the day they perfom local to me.

I have no connection with the group other than liking their sound. I do not own the music or photo’s or even the bird’s

If you too have found Wuauquikuna produce a sound and style you love, please check out their website.


Please enjoy their music and let your soul soar 🙂

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