It Happens Every Thursday (1953)

Excluding a brace of 1980s TV-movie appearances, It Happens Every Thursday was the final feature film appearance of Loretta Young. As radiantly beautiful at 40 as she’d been as a teen-aged ingenue, Young plays Jane McAvoy, the pregnant wife of big-city newspaper reporter Bob McAvoy (John Forsythe). Tired of the urban rat race, Bob moves to a small California town and assumes ownership of a just-getting-by weekly paper. It’s a hand-to-mouth existence for the first few editions, and the situation isn’t remedied by the cloistered, resentful behavior of the local citizenry. The outcome of the plot hinges on a publicity stunt engineered by Bob: an attempt to artificially create rain for the drought-ridden community. The well-chosen supporting cast of It Happens Every Thursday includes Edgar Buchanan, Jimmy Conlin, Willard Waterman, and in her last film, Gladys George.

Loretta Young … Jane MacAvoy
John Forsythe … Bob MacAvoy
Frank McHugh … Fred Hawley
Edgar Buchanan … Jake
Gregg Palmer … Chet Dunne (as Palmer Lee)
Harvey Grant … Steve MacAvoy
Jimmy Conlin … Matthew
Jane Darwell … Mrs. Eva Spatch
Willard Waterman … Myron Trout
Gladys George … Mrs. Lucinda Holmes
Edith Evanson … Mrs. Peterson
Edward Clark … Homer
Kathryn Card … Mrs. Dow
Eddy Waller … James Bartlett
Regis Toomey … Mayor Hull

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