Inka Spirit – Drum Song

As an indigenous urban culture today Incas in South America is named. Often, as only the respective ruling Inca people of this culture are known. They ruled between the 13th and 16 Century on a far-spanning empire of over 200 ethnic groups, [1], showed a high degree of organization. At its greatest extent (approximately 950,000 km ²), his influence stretched from present-day Ecuador to Chile and Argentina, a region whose size is greater than the distance between the North Cape and Sicily. Developmentally, the Incas with the Bronze Age cultures of Eurasia are comparable. The ritual, administrative and cultural center was the capital of Cuzco (Cusco) in the high mountains of Peru.

Originally, the term “Inca” is the name of a tribe, who came to his own view of the sun god Inti Cusco and the surrounding area populated meant. His ruling clan later served as nobility of the same theocratic empire. From it also recruited the clergy [2] and the officers of the Inca army. Sapa Inca (‘the only Inca “) was the title of the Inca ruler of Tawantinsuyu (” Land of the four parts, Reich of the four quarters of the world “- as the self-designation of the Empire).

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