I-CHING – Find your path to wealth – Part 2

(Ecce momenta … ila mirabila que cabtabit en eternal memore …)

Behold this moment … and we shall remember what is left of this in memory forever …

Circumstances do not change you … they REVEAL you.

Wealth is not how much money you have. Wealth is what you’re left with when you lose your money…… Wealth = Value x Leverage = Your wealth profile to your true path to wealth and WHO to leverage onto, that is, someone else’s natural wealth profile to take you to the next level. Having the right team mix in your project is crucial to achieving success with taking an easier path or a rocky road along your journey. The Universe has a way to show you signs when your heart and mind stays open … and not distracted by ‘busy-ness’ which is usually self-created camouflage of fear to distract your attention to achieve and focus onto your true passion to your dreams. Therefore, most would remain in a negative state or mindset full of frustrations, blame, resentment etc towards their partner or work and circumstances…

FEAR is the opposite of everything you are … of your true positive nature and state of BEING … There are only 2 energy force that drives you … LOVE or FEAR. Fear is energy that contracts, closes down, hides, runs, hoards & harms. Love is energy that expands, opens up, reveals, stays, shares & heals. As you approach life-are you coming from fear/love? And at the critical juncture of all relationships, there is only one question to ask – ‘What would love do now?’

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