Hollywood Lesbians – Women Who Are Stars In Film

Hollywood Lesbians are nothing new. If you were a guest at a hollywood party back in the 1930s or 1940s you’d discover that old hollywood had quite a few lesbian celebrities who hide their sexual identity. You don’t have to be Annamarie Jagose to know that femme fatal stars of cinema from Lizabeth Scott and Tallulah Bankhead to Marlene Dietrich were lesbian. Just read about them as a unregistered guest on the many blog post on the internet. The famous women featured in this video from classical hollywood were major stars in films and entertainment and were gay or bisexual. To be a member in the female gay community was very risky for a great lady star. It’s interesting to know that most of these movie actresses were way in the closet because an admission of being gay by an actress was not good and destroyed careers and lives and created scandal. Just think how hard this duplicitous private life had to be for a celebrity. Many had to acquire class hollywood prostitutes to satisfy their sexual desire. Remember It’s back in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s when homosexuality was completely taboo in society culture. Some say it may be different today and that was a long time ago but homophobia back then was the norm for most of the heterosexual or straight population. People did’nt cross gender lines for sex. Confidential magazine ran stories that outed hollywood celebrities as gay. However, Marlene Dietrich a screen star who played the femme fatal and played juicy stuff parts in movies wearing frilly dresses was almost openly gay. lizabeth Scott was another actress who played the film noir femme in film and was quite gay. Tallulah Bankhead was a notorious lesbian. Today male or female homosexuality is more accepted among the general movie going public. Most of the old hollywood lesbians were white but there were some african american female gays. Now a days top celebrities like Jodie Foster or Queen Latifahare are not closeted anymore and still can maintain a career and get good reviews. To come out of the closet isn’t dangerous any more. A biography seems to come out every year revealing a stars lesbianism from the past.. On Amazon, Several good books to read have been written about closeted lesbian movie stars and the so called sewing circles. Boze Hadleigh has written a good book and biography account on hollywood lesbians. He conducted interesting interviews with several of the stars featured in this video. I guest many people think these female celebs did’nt have sex with men or did’nt get married or have children. But in fact they did. Many used marriage with a male as a cover for public approval. They lived a double life for years. Their real love or sexual feelings went to a female or girl. Some inside these stars inner circle of friends knew of their lesbianism and sexuality but keep the true nature of their desire private. Their feminine and plublic image had to be protected. Just the thought by the general public could break a career over night. The story could’nt get out to the news papers about high class hollywood. Featured in this video are Lizabeth Scott, Tallulah Bankhead, Marlene Dietrich,Judith Anderson, Barbara Stanwyck, Greta Garbo, Patsy Kelly, Marjorie Main, Lana Turner, Joan Crawford, Kay Francis, Jodie Foster, Katharine Hepburn, Queen Latifah, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan

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