“Heaven Only Knows” 1947 film – Michael The Archangel Comes To Earth

Up in Heaven a discrepancy is found in the Book of Life — that Adam ‘Duke’ Byron’s (Brian Donlevy) name is not recorded, meaning that he has no soul. And so the archangel Michael (Robert Cummings) is dispatched to Earth to rectify the mistake and get Byron to change his ways and marry the woman he is meant to marry.
Heaven Only Knows/Montana Mike is a real oddity of a film. It starts out as a comedy of divine errors, one that has clearly taken its inspiration from the hit Here Comes Mr Jordan (1941) of a few years earlier. These scenes bounce around some occasionally amusing jokes — the Heavenly elevator operator asks Michael: “All the way down?” “No, just to Earth,” whereupon the operator shrugs “Might as well be.” However, once the film gets to Earth, it turns serious to deliver a ponderous but engagingly solemn message on Christian virtue. It all gets heavy-handed but is written consistently well enough to maintain interest. The cast — Robert Cummings, Marjorie Reynolds and Jurja Cartwright — work wonders and manage to make up for the presence of the perpetually stolid Brian Donlevy

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