Gracie Fields in Molly and Me (1945) B/W 76 minutes.

Our Gracie, in her final but one movie Molly And Me. An out of work actress deciedes to act as an experienced housekeeper in order to get a job as the butler is doing the same trick. Mr Graham, their employer is a retired divorced politican, who is estranged from his son. For Mr Graham and his son life is never going to be the same again, the housekeeper causing havoc and handling a sensitive situation, brings father and son, much closer, in a troubled relationship. This film was in an American archive, and I got this released on Dvd in 2005. The film is public domain.Gracie made 4 films in Hollywood, and was as popular in the states as she was in the UK. The new 4 set cd THE REAL GRACIE FIELDS CONTAINS 105 TRACKS 60 ARE all first on cd RARE RADIO TV soundtracks the ULTIMATE collection to treasure for always……..

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