[EngSub] Phoenix Legend (Band) – I Come from the Prairie 凤凰传奇 我从草原来

凤凰传奇 – 我从草原来 English Subtitles Lyrics
Phoenix Legend – I Come from the Prairie [Chinese Romantic Songs English Lyrics]
Category: Chinese Pop, Chinese New Folk

Phoenix Legend is a Chinese popular music duo, consisting of a female singer Ling Hua (玲花), who is an ethnic Mongolian Chinese from Inner Mongolia and sings in both Mandarin Chinese and Mongolian, and a male rapper Zeng Yi (曾毅), who is an ethnic Han Chinese from Hunan. The Phoenix Legend has used many different musical styles in their songs (for example, Tibetan ethnic music, Dai ethnic music, Uyghur ethnic music, Zhuang ethnic music, Mongolian ethnic music, Rap, Rock, etc).

Ethnic Mongolian Chinese:
Ethnic Han Chinese:

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