[English Lyrics] Mongolian Song – Ode to Auspiciousness [Chinese CCTV Lunar New Year Gala 2011]

Amazing! This song is sung by Anda Union (安达组合), the best Mongolian throat singing band in China. The music is written by Se Enkhbayar (色 恩克巴雅尔), one of the most well-known ethnic Mongolian Chinese musicians. The singers used two traditional Mongolian singing techniques in this song.

Mongolian Long Song Singing (or 长调) (see: 00:23 – 00:37, 02:05 – 02:22)
Mongolian Throat Singing (or Khoomii, 呼麦) (see: 00:40 – 00:55, 01:02 – 01:10, 02:23 – 02:37)

English lyrics translated from Mongolian:
Auspicious and wish-fulfilled life blessed by skylights,
Splendid and gorgeous yurt roofs,
Doors and windows made by purple sandalwoods.
These are our homes.

Our sacrifice offered to the grand sky and earth.
Our worship paid to the sacred mountains and rivers.
Playing prolonged horse-fiddle tunes,
We sing melodious Mongolian Long Songs.

Let us sing and dance,
To extol our happy life.
Let us sing and dance,
To bless our eternal motherland.

Ethnic Mongolian Chinese:

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