Egyptian Music | Beautiful Arabian Soundtrack | Study & Ambience

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If you love Arabian and Egyptian music, I highly recommend listening to the Ancient Egypt album by Ali Jihad Racy. You can find a copy of his amazing album at this link:

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Soul Candle has tons of relaxing meditation music, music and sounds for sleeping, ethnic music for
background ambience, relaxing rain and nature sounds and other stress-relieving videos. Below, you can
find links to our full set of playlists!

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It is recommended to listen to our meditation and relaxation tracks on low volume as not to disturb your

When meditating, focus your mind on one thought for a few moments and let the thought go. Repeat this
process several times until your mind is calm and still. Our meditation tracks, when played on a low
volume, can help focus your mind on just one thought.

When sleeping, also make sure the volume is set very low as not to wake yourself. Meditation practices
can help you calm your mind enough to relax you into sleep, so you may find meditation tracks useful for
sleeping. Many of these videos are in the same playlist!

You can also listen to ambient background music while you’re busy to help enhance your creativity and
productivity. When playing these types of videos, make sure the volume is moderate, so you can clearly
hear it, but not so loud that it disturbs your train of thought. Ambient background music or noise can
help keep your mind from wandering while you work.

The audio used in this video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

“Wandering In The Egyptian Desert” by Ramesh Kumar Kannan

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