Edward Everett Horton | It’s a Boy (1933)

Supported by the marvellous Leslie Henson, Eddie plays the groom Dudley Leake who’s about to get married. One evening before the wedding he and his best man celebrate but it’s gotten too late for Dudley and so he went to bed. Before Dudley and Skippit get to bed Dudley, drunk as he is, tells Skippit about a former affair he had on independence day (August 4th LMAO!!!). The girl who was the “malheur” of Dudley’s and whose name was Piper, then several months later wrote him a letter in which she wrote “It’s a boy”. And now Dudley gets sentimental concerning his upcoming wedding. The next morning he’s got such a hangover that he oversleeps his getting up-time and must be waked up by his butler. Suddenly it rings at the door. While Dudley and Skippit get dressed a person stands in front of the door claiming his name would be Piper. Meanwhile a woman published her newest Sex-Novel “Purple Nights” under the Incognito of John Tempest. She finds out, over the newspaper, that a former friend of hers is getting married today – Dudley’s fiancee. She quickly visits her and gets invited to the wedding. Now everyone is ready – even Dudley’s grumpy father in law…. but …. Dudley’s not arriving. Together with his friend Skippit he has to talk his way out of that situation and has to get rid of his newly won son.

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