Earth Drum – Power Animals – David and Steve Gordon

From the DVD of Earth Drum by David & Steve Gordon – imagery of the Sacred Canyons and Mesas of the American SouthWest – Trance beats with Taos Log Drums, Incan Pan Flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, world percussion, atmospheric syntesizers and sounds of nature. For more information, visit:

Floating along the river through canyons of red and gold, peaks of standing stones keep a watchful eye. Joined by his animal ally, the Shaman departs into the waking dream of life, empowered with the knowledge of inner balance. The red rock of the canyon walls ripen into glimmers of gold as the last rays of the sun’s light illuminate the sky.

A powerful 6/8 beat is played on Taos Council drums, as deep drones of bass lay down the path of power. Incan Pan Pipes tell the story of the animal spirit allies and soaring electric guitar expresses the joy of living in harmony with the earth. The visuals of the southwest canyons and rivers transport us to the end of the Shaman’s journey, where the desert sun sets until the next day’s dream begins.

Thank you for watching.

May all peoples of the Earth walk in Peace.

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