Condorcanqui – Grupo Andes

More folk music from around the world, I love the stereo effect of the two larger pipes calling each other in this track. It brings to mind a happy, frivolous mood.
I do not know or really care where the music is from (sorry), I just love this music and the way it makes you feel. 🙂
No sé ni me importa donde la música es de (lo siento), me encanta esta música y la forma en que te hace sentir. 🙂
I have tried to convey a mood of dancing and movement in the deep pipe sequence and the soaring of a condor with the beauty of the mountains in the calm sequence.

What ever you think of the video you cannot take away the pure soul touching sound of the rhythms and tunes of South America and Andian music.

It’s a track called “Condorcanqui” from a CD by Grupo Andes I brought from Lima, Peru.

Please enjoy it.

I do not own the muisc or pictures and make no profit from this.

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