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Meena Kumari
Smriti Biswas
Achala Sachdev

Directed by : B.R. Chopra
Music by: Roshan

Nawab Safdarjung( Kumar ) lives in Delhi with his family and is a very fun loving person. She has a daughter Zarina ( Meena Kumari ) who is of marriageable age. While there are other candidates to hold her hand, the Nawab decides on Akbar ( Shekhar ) a young son of a noble nawab family from Lucknow. Everything goes well until few minutes before the marriage ceremony, Ibrahim ( played by Jeevan ) divulges to the Nawab that Akbar is only a son of a mali ( gardener ) and has no respectable family trace in his blood. The Nawab becomes furious and dissolves the marriage ceremony but Zarina decides to go the in-laws house and accepts Akbar as her husband. Akbar in the meantime disappears from his home and ends up in Cairo ( Egypt) and takes a job as a Manager of a factory. Zarina and her mother still waiting for words from Akbar when some money is sent to them by Akbar. In Cairo a dancer falls in love with Akbar and writes a letter to Zarina and her mother that Akbar is dead. Watch how this triangular love story ends with Akbar eventually comes back to his homeland and rejoins with his wife Zarina.

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