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Mongolia: a land associated with endless expanses, steppe landscapes and the great Genghis Khan, who is still alive in the memories of the Mongolian people today. Boerte was the first and favorite wife of the emperor, but Boerte is much more than simply the name of a woman. Though the written history of Mongolia begins with Genghis Khan in the 12th Century, the legend around Boerte is far older.

According to the legend, Boerte was the name of the grey wolf, the symbolic chosen one who, predestined by fate, descended from heaven and together with his beloved—a white doe—established the roots of a victorious tribe. The proud people of Mongolia still identify themselves with these symbolic animals today: images of the grey wolf and the doe are used to symbolize the power and peace of the mongolian people.

Accordingly, for the musicians Boerte means spiritual tradition which, in conjunction with their readiness to experiment, they vary their homelands traditional music with jazz elements and the musical styles of other cultures.

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