Betrayed Women *Beverly Michaels*

Beverly Michaels stars in this film! This movie was made in 1955. She is my favorite actress. This movie is extremely rare. Most of the movies Beverly was in were never released on home video. They only exist on old tv recordings from years ago. TV stations no longer play the movies she was in. The only 2 Beverly movies that were released on home video she played small parts in: Crashout and East Side, West Side. I recommend watching Beverly in: Pickup which you can buy from a seller called Bonanza online. I also recommend watching a movie she’s in called Girl On the Bridge at you can rent it and watch it online. I also recommend watching Wicked Woman, which you can view on someone else’s Youtube page. Do NOT buy movies from Scooter Movies Shop. He doesn’t send the merchandise you pay for. I got ripped off. I recommend the website/seller The Movie Detective, which is where I bought Wicked Woman.

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