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On the day of marriage of Shanta (Rakhi Gulzar) & Prabin (Suresh Oberoi) the police raides the house, but they do not find Nabin (Mithun Chakraborty) who is Prabin’s younger brother. The reason for Nabin’s crime is not disclosed. Then Nabin meets Shanta in the bus, but the police attacks the bus and Nabin escapes again. Meantime, Prabin wins the case of their old ancestral property. Nabin meets family friend Suraj (Vijay Arora) and knows about Shanta’s delivery of a boy. Prabin was murdered by his relative and the blame falls on Nabin. However Nabin later proves his innocence in front of everyone. Soon dejected Shanta with her children and father-in-law had to leave the city. They had a struggled living. Meantime Nabin gets caught by police for the murder of Prabin and sentenced to death. Suraj, who was also Shanta’s childhood friend advises Shanta to make pickles and sell it to make money. Shanta follows his advice and starts the pickle factory. Now her father-in-law also passes away. Her son gets married, as well as daughter. Suraj also dies. Now Shanta makes a will and leaves home. Everyone searches for her, but unable to find her. Shanta’s grandson Raju finds her in the station. Everyone understand their mistakes and apologises to Shanta. Finally Shanta dies, and her granddaughter Shobha gives birth to a daughter, now everybody believes that their Amma Shanta is born again as Shobha’s granddaughter.

Movie Name : Amma 1986

Release date : 1986

Running time : 2:16:04

Language : Hindi

Actors : Mithun Chakraborty, Raakhee, Ashok Kuma,r Neeta Mehta, Suresh Oberoi, Shashikala Tom Alter

Director : Jiten

Producer : B.B.Katara & Jiten G.H

Writer : Kamleshwar

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