A-WA – Shamak Zabad Radai (official audio)

A WA is a band formed by 3 sisters who combine Yemenite folk singing with electronic dance music

France / Swiss / Belgium :
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Website: http://www.a-wamusic.com
FB https://www.facebook.com/awaofficial
Twitter https://twitter.com/AwAband1
Instagram https://instagram.com/a_wa_official/

Music credits:
Lyrics & Music – Traditional Yemenite Folk
Produced & Arranged by Tomer Yosef
Recording by Dan Zeitune
Vocals – Tair, Liron & Tagel Haim
Keyboards – Hod Moshonov, Tom Darom
Drums – Tamir Muskat
Bass & Guitars – Itamar Ziegler
Electronic Drums & Percussion – Tomer Yosef
Mixed by Tamir Muskat @ Vibroeast Studio
Assistant engineer – Omri Amdo
Mastering by Shmulik Daniel @ Hook &High Mastering

Contact Info:
Management: awa.manage@gmail.com

شمّك زبد رداعي
شمّك زبد رداعي
حُبيبي شمّك زبد رداعي
شمّك زبد رداعي
من حبّك الغالي شاصبر واراعي

سُمّ الحنش بريقه
أسقيتني سُمّ الحنش بريقه
سُمّ الحنش بريقه
خلّيت قلبي ما استضاىش طريقه

أو جاء الحبيب بكرة
من أين أو جاء الحبيب بكرة
أو جاء الحبيب بكرة
أجيب لك الحُمرة وازيد بدرة

أو ما بناه باني
بنيت لك دار أو ما بناه باني
أو ما بناه باني
لا قد بنا عرشي وانا خُباني

جوّب وقال ما بش
قُلت اسقني جوّب وقال ما بش
جوّب وقال ما بش
يا غارة الله كيف اسير عاطش

Shamak Zabad Radai (Your scent is of Rada’a)

Your scent is of Rada’a
My love, your scent is of Rada’a
Your scent is of Rada’a
And for your precious love I am patient and will wait

The poison of the snake is in its spit
And the snake infused me with its poison
And it left my heart unable to find its way
Should [my] love come tomorrow
Where will it be from, should [my] love come tomorrow?
Should [my] love come tomorrow
I will come to you with red [lips] and powdered [cheeks]

Should he have built a building
You have built yourself a home
Should he have built a building
Neither An Arashi nor Khubani has built like it

He answered, not yet
I said, give me to drink, and he said not yet
He answered, not yet
Oh wrath of God, how can I continue with this thirst

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