3 Godfathers

3 Godfathers is a 1948 American western film directed by John Ford and filmed (although not set) primarily in Death Valley. The screenplay, written by Frank S. Nugent and Laurence Stallings, is based on the novelette of the same name written by Peter Kyne. Ford had already adapted the film once before in 1919 as Marked Men. The original silent adaptation by Ford is thought to be lost today. The story is something of a re-telling of the story of The Three Wise Men in an American western context.John Wayne as Robert Marmaduke Hightower
Harry Carey Jr. as William Kearney “The Abilene Kid”
Pedro Armendáriz as Pedro “Pete” Fuerte
Mildred Natwick as Mother
Ward Bond as Perley “Buck” Sweet
Mae Marsh as Mrs. Sweet
Jane Darwell as Miss Florie
Guy Kibbee as Judge
Hank Worden as Curley

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